Shashibo Explorer Series - Puzzle cube. Best games of 2023. Undersea design cube.
Explorer Series- Shashibo. A puzzle game which was rated number one in 2020.  Moon design cube.
Explorer Series- Shashibo. A puzzle game which was rated number one in 2020.  Earth design cube.

Shashibo Puzzle Cubes - Explorer Series

Shashibo Puzzle Cubes - Explorer Series

Shashibo cubes are a type of magnetic puzzle that can be folded and transformed into different shapes.  Shashibo cubes are known for their mesmerizing and visually appealing designs.

They often feature intricate patterns, optical illusions, and vibrant colors that make them intriguing to look at as well as fun to manipulate. They are designed to provide an engaging sensory experience, offering tactile feedback and visual stimulation as users explore the various ways the cube can be transformed.

One Shashibo cube transforms into over 70 shapes. Collect and connect 2, 3, 4, or more for infinite creations. With its 36 rare earth magnets, there’s no limit to what you can do!

Explorer Series

Explore the Earth-Moon-Sea connection! Though nearly 240,000 miles away, the moon seems distant and barren, yet the connection to our blue planet is as strong as the moon’s magnetics that controls our tides. Come explore this new Explorer Series by Shashibo, and let Shashibo unfold all the mysteries beneath the surface.

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Magnetic puzzle cube
Transforms into over 70 geometric shapes ( click here to download the shape guide)
Each Shashibo has 4 art designs - the outer design & 3 inner designs
Size: 2.4 inch cube
High quality injection mold plastic
Download the Shashibo Shape Guide
Ages 8+ (unless supervised by an adult

Crafted from recycled ABS injection mold plastic and adorned with tear-resistant stickers, each cube houses 36 internal rare earth magnets! Better yet, both the ABS plastic and rare earth magnets are fully ♻️ recyclable at the end of their life cycle! Merge 2 or more Shashibo to construct grander shapes and unlock endless possibilities. Can you conquer the art of the shape-shifting box?

Creative Tutorial: HERE

Shashibo Shape Guide: HERE


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