History of the Porsche RWB 964 "Ichiban Boshi" Car #8

The Porsche RWB 964 "Ichiban Boshi" car #8 is a revered creation by RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB), a renowned Japanese tuning company. Designed by Akira Nakai, the "Ichiban Boshi" (meaning "First Star") project aimed to fuse Porsche's classic 964 chassis with RWB's distinctive wide-body style. Completed in 2012, this RWB masterpiece features bold fender flares, deep-dish wheels, and a prominent rear wing, encapsulating Nakai's signature aesthetic. The car's name reflects its importance as Nakai's first build outside Japan.

Car #8 has gained international recognition, symbolizing the global reach of RWB's craftsmanship. Its blend of performance, artistry, and Porsche heritage has made it an iconic representation of the RWB brand. "Ichiban Boshi" has been featured at numerous automotive events, inspiring enthusiasts and leaving an enduring impact on the world of modified sports cars.