Unleash the Power: Carrera's Peak Performance Racing Set

Prepare for the ultimate racing experience with Carrera's Peak Performance Digital 132 w/Lights, a set that pushes the boundaries of excitement and action. This 27.56-foot racing circuit promises heart-pounding thrills, mountain runs that touch the sky, and head-to-head duels between two iconic cars.

When assembled, this Carrera racing masterpiece measures an impressive 7.87 feet in length and 4.10 feet in width, providing ample space for high-speed chases, daring overtakes, and exhilarating twists and turns. The total track length extends to an astounding 27.56 feet, making every race an epic adventure.

Carrera's Peak Performance set isn't just about quantity; it's about quality. Inside the box, you'll find a meticulously curated collection of components that transform your living space into a world-class racing arena. The set features two remarkable cars: the Chevrolet Corvette C8.R "No.3," resplendent in silver-grey livery, and the Porsche 935 GT2 "J. Zwart, No.11" in striking white. These cars are no ordinary replicas; they come with official licenses for authenticity and are equipped with front and rear lights. These details make them not just visually stunning but also functionally impressive.

The Carrera Peak Performance set is designed to offer an unparalleled racing experience. It includes a Control Unit (30352) and 2 Wired Controllers (30340) that put you firmly in control of the action. The set also incorporates a 30364 Lane Change Curve, Right (In to Out) and a 30365 Lane Change Curve, Right (Out to In), providing an element of unpredictability that keeps the races exciting.

To complete the racing world, Carrera includes 5 Standard Straights (20509) and a whopping 16 1/60 Curves (20571). These track sections create a diverse and challenging racing environment, offering a perfect blend of straights, bends, and lane changes. You'll also find spare contact brushes, guardrails, and track connection clips to ensure the safety and functionality of your setup.

The Peak Performance set brings two powerhouse cars to the forefront of racing action. The Chevrolet Corvette C8.R "No.3" boasts the agility and speed needed to conquer the challenging terrain, while the Porsche 935 GT2 "J. Zwart, No.11" is a testament to Jeff Zwart's achievements in the 'Pikes Peak International Hill Climb' race and the 'Race To The Clouds'. Both cars are thrilling replicas, brought to life with the original reproduction license and their front and rear lights. The racing action is intense, and every moment is filled with excitement.

Carrera's Digital 132 Slot Car Racing Sets are more than just a one-time thrill; they're an invitation to a world of endless possibilities. The Peak Performance set can accommodate up to 6 drivers, allowing for competitive races and solo challenges. Plus, the set is fully customizable and expandable with additional cars, track accessories, driver displays, lap counters, and even pit stops. Your options are limitless, and the excitement is guaranteed.

Carrera's Peak Performance Digital 132 w/Lights is more than just a racing set; it's an entire racing world at your fingertips. With iconic cars, state-of-the-art controls, and a diverse track, every race is a thrilling adventure. Whether you're a seasoned racing enthusiast or a newcomer eager to experience the thrill of high-speed competition, this set offers the perfect platform. So, get ready, take the driver's seat, and embark on a journey of high-speed action with Carrera's Peak Performance set.

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