Wondering Which Toys to Grab on Black Friday? Check Out the Most Exciting 2023 Toy Deals For All Ages!

1.  ThunderJet X Pro 

Prepare to ignite his passion for adventure this Black Friday with the ThunderJet X Pro! This remarkable foam-crafted plane isn't just a toy; it's an invitation to soar the skies. Designed for thrill-seekers and aviation enthusiasts alike, this sizable plane defies gravity by taking off vertically and promises hours of exhilarating flights. Boasting a 2.4 GHz remote control for extended range and compatibility both indoors and outdoors, its three-speed modes grant precise control over velocity. With a stable 6-axis gyro system and the capability to perform breathtaking 360-degree flips mid-air, the ThunderJet X Pro redefines the joy of flying. Gift him the ultimate thrill of flight this Black Friday and let his imagination soar to new heights!

2.  Shashibo Cube

This Black Friday, gift mom the ultimate relaxation and creative escape with the Shashibo. Amidst life's hustle and bustle, this pocket-sized marvel serves as her tranquil oasis. The Shashibo transcends ordinary fidget toys, unveiling a world of mesmerizing geometric wonders within its sleek frame. With over 70 hidden shapes awaiting her exploration, every twist and turn reveals a new form, fostering a sense of enchantment and anticipation. Beyond a mere puzzle, the Shashibo beckons her inner architect and artist, allowing limitless creative expression. Its 'Collect & Connect' feature expands her canvas, encouraging boundless experimentation and innovation. But it's not just a toy—it's a pathway to mindfulness and relaxation. The rhythmic motions required to unlock its secrets offer soothing stress relief and a calming sensory experience. Universally captivating, the Shashibo brings together people of all ages, uniting them in wonder and curiosity. Embrace the joy of exploration this Black Friday and gift mom the Shashibo—a portal to a world where creativity knows no bounds.

3. Mozi/Glozi Flow Ring

A great gift for teenagers - get your flow on with the Mozi/Glozi Flow Ring! Mozi/Glozi Fow Ring isn't just a toy; it's a mesmerizing geometric wonder that adds a sprinkle of magic to your every day. Picture a slinky, but with an innovative twist – Mozi/Glozi Flow Ring effortlessly spins, creating an enthralling dance as it gracefully glides from one arm to another. This hypnotic sensation promises an addictive allure that captivates you right from the very first spin.

Perfect for after school relaxation, promotes activity, and is also a captivating fidget toy, Mozi/Glozi Flow Ring is your go-to. It's more than just a geometric spring; it's an experience of motion and rhythm that tingles through your fingertips. Glide it effortlessly as you pass it from friend to friend and enjoy the marvel of Mozi's magic.

Mozi/Glozi Flow Ring boasts a versatile 5-inch diameter when flattened, making it an adaptable companion for every adventure. Get set to groove, feel the pulse of movement, and join the sensation that's sweeping the toy world by storm!

4. Odyssey Trailblazer Fog Car

The first thing that will catch your eye about the Trailblazer Fog Car is the fact that it can move side to side at speeds. This multidirectional element adds to its uniqueness factor, causing it to stand out in a crowd. Next up, you will be wowed by it’s bright LED lights. When the car is engaged and in go-mode, the wheels will light up and make a grand entrance to let everyone know it has arrived.

Then you’ve got the main attraction – the smoke. When you pour water into the Trailblazing Fog Car, the internal system converts it into steam that shoots out of its rear exhaust while you drive. So while you’re racing another car, feel free to let them taste the smoke as you pull away!

5. Rainbow Dragon Kite

Take your outdoor family adventures to new heights with the Rainbow Dragon Tail Kite – a surefire way to infuse any day with excitement! Boasting an impressive 41-inch wingspan, this eye-catching nylon kite is a vibrant spectacle that appeals to adventurers of all ages. Crafted for durability, its sturdy construction with reinforced seams and flexible nylon struts guarantees resilience against the wind's whims. Easy to handle for kite enthusiasts aged 3 and above, the Rainbow Dragon Tail Kite comes equipped with an effortless grip line holder, ensuring a smooth flight experience. Perfect for winds ranging between 10-12mph, it's the ultimate choice for park escapades, beach frolics, or any wide-open space. Whether you're a seasoned flyer or just starting your kite-flying journey, this colorful dragon kite promises boundless hours of soaring joy. Let your imagination soar and embark on thrilling aerial escapades with the Rainbow Dragon Tail Kite!

6.  Hovering Soccer ball

Prepare for an epic showdown with the amazing Hovering Soccer Ball – the ultimate game changer for exciting indoor or outdoor matches! Glide effortlessly on smooth surfaces like wooden or laminated floors, or take the action to low-pile carpets or low-cut grass for an electrifying 'football' match. Odyssey's kit includes a mesmerizing disc that hovers on a cushion of air just inches above the ground, setting the stage for a thrilling game. With easy setup, you'll be kicking off an exhilarating match in a matter of minutes! Whether you're perfecting your moves or engaging in a competitive face-off with family or friends, this hovering soccer ball guarantees hours of fun and action-packed entertainment!

7.  Flying Spinner Drone

Prepare for an out-of-this-world adventure with the HST Boomerang Flying Spinner, an alien spacecraft that brings intergalactic fun right to your fingertips! Simply toss this spinner into the air and be amazed as it hovers, spins, and skillfully evades obstacles using its advanced 360-degree infrared induction. Experience the thrill of catch without the need for physical contact, and marvel as it gracefully rises when it nears the ground. Enhanced with vibrant LED lights and a robust crash-resistant mesh design, this spinner promises multiplayer excitement that's perfect for the whole family. Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery and featuring a convenient USB charging cable, it's a stellar addition to your holiday festivities that guarantees hours of high-flying, extraterrestrial entertainment!

8.  Plus Plus Tubes

Unleash your child's creativity with Plus-Plus, the magical building pieces set to transform their imagination into vibrant, 2D-3D creations! Packed in 70+ piece tubes, Plus-Plus offers an array of shapes, vivid colors, and themed designs like superheroes and unicorns. These blocks encourage STEM learning while honing fine motor skills and fostering patience and focus. Crafted from safe, BPA-free plastic, Plus-Plus sparks endless possibilities for children aged 5 and up. Each reusable container includes a helpful instructions flyer, ensuring hygienic play and guaranteeing hours of imaginative fun. Gift your child the doorway to an exciting world of creativity with Plus-Plus building pieces, where simple shapes lead to limitless adventures!

9. HST Lux


Rev up the thrill for Dad with the HST Lux Licensed Remote Control Car, an exceptional 1:24 scale replica of elite automobile brands that elevates the RC car experience. Choose from a lineup of esteemed brands including Bentley, BMW, Cadillac, Corvette, Lamborghini, or Lexus, and embark on a deluxe journey of style and precision. With full-function remote control capability and a meticulous scale model design, this car promises an authentic and thrilling luxury ride. Give the gift of sophistication and speed with the HST Lux Licensed Remote Control Car for an experience that merges elegance with exhilaration.

10.  Odyssey Battle Bumpers

Prepare for an action-packed showdown with Battle Bumpers, an incredible game designed for young adventurers! Featuring two awesome futuristic figurines on their vehicles, each equipped with a padded bumper, this game lets you and a friend battle it out using separate controllers. Challenge each other to see who can skillfully ram the opponent's vehicle first. Get ready for the thrill! When a vehicle takes a solid hit on its side, watch as the driver gets ejected and flies into the air in a thrilling game of strategy and speed. Will you emerge as the ultimate champion, or will you find yourself soaring out of the game? It's time to take on the challenge and show off your skills in this awesome, high-flying battle!

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